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AUmedia are the providers of live audio and video* commentaries for Ayr United FC.

We are at every game, home and away, league and cup bringing you match analysis, commentary and insightful comment. Our commentary page features live updates of play as it happens, when it happens. Keep up to date on the move with our Twitter updates, also available on the home page during games.

You can listen to just a single game at a time, or sign-up for the whole season, and you don't even need to be an Ayr United fan, although obviously we hope you will soon become one.

See the list below for what subscriptions are currently available, and once you've made your choice, simply create an account with us and choose your subscription, and start following the action and suspense.

*Please Note: Video commentaries are only available outwith the UK and the Republic of Ireland and for Home games.

Online Day Pass

Access to the live audio, statistics page and AUTV for 1 day only


Access to the live audio commentary and statistics page for one season

Expires 06/06/2020

Online + Season Ticket

Live audio of every Ayr United SPFL match, Full Match Replays

For Season Ticket Holders ONLY

Online Plus

Live audio commentary, video feed and access to AUMedia TV page


Online Plus Day

Live audio commentary and video feed for one day