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Live Commentary for Partick Thistle V Ayr United

Sponsored By Ayrshire Medical Services

Welcome to the AUmedia Live Commentary.

This section is for registered AUmedia members only. If you are already a member then sign in below, otherwise please register with us. We offer a range of subscriptions if you have not already registered and you can find out about them here

If you encounter any issues with the commentary, please contact us using the Contact Us page, selecting 'Support' as the recipient.

Please Note: Any subscription purchased less than 90 minutes before the commencement of the game may not be validated in time to ensure access to this page. Please also be aware we are not always able to respond to messages received during the game.

Once logged in you will be able to  view the Live Commentary and Statistics page. 

On a mobile device, all sections are below each other, but on a desktop, you will see, from the left hand side of your screen :-

  1. The current players and subs. Goals and cards are displayed beside each player. When substituted, the player moves from the left hand list to the smaller right hand list.
  2. In the middle is the main statistics section. This contains the possession percentages, shots, corners, fouls and off-sides for each team. There is also a diagram of the pitch which will display where the ball is at any given time. Corners, kick-offs and goalkeeper in possession are also displayed. Below this is a listing of all the goals and cards, along with the relevant time on the clock.
  3. The right hand side contains the live audio feed (where applicable) along with an up to date Twitter feed and the current scores from other games currently going on in the Scottish Leagues or Cup Competitions for that day.

You can open up a separate audio feed window by clicking on the pop-out button located in the top right hand corner of the audio section. If you do this, we would suggest you mute the main window feed, otherwise you may hear two commentaries and they may be out of sync with each other.

We hope you enjoy the match and 'Come On Ayr, Super Ayr!'